The Polish Science Contact Agency PolSCA since April the 26th 2016 is registered in the EU Transparency register under the identification number: 055587821539-77, Section IV – Think tanks, research and academic institutions.

PolSCA is also non profit international association AISBL (Moniteur belge, 884.331.776).

Early into 2004 the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) initiated efforts aimed at creating an office based in Brussels that would support the participation of Polish science in the European Research Area. The final shape of the new PAS foreign unit was agreed at the end of 2004. Consequently, Polish Science Contact Agency (PolSCA) started its activities in March 2005.
For a transitional year 2005 and the first quarter 2006 PolSCA Office functioned as a section of the PAS Scientific Centre in Paris. Since April 2006, PolSCA has been operating in Brussels as an independent foreign PAS unit parallel to the other PAS centers in Paris, Rome, Vienna, Berlin, and Kiev. PolSCA is a subsidiary scientific establishment created on the basis of Art. 68 of the Statutory Act of the PAS and has a legal personality in Belgium. PolSCA is supervised and funded by the Polish Academy of Sciences. It represents all Polish scientific institutions and communities and acts for their benefit. The mission of PolSCA is to promote, facilitate and foster participation of the Polish R&D community in European projects and initiatives and in particular to reinforce Polands position in the EU framework programs.